The aim of the project is to contribute to the development and implementation of Pedagogical Innovations in Inclusive Education policies in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine and a better coordination of lifelong learning professional formation in education. This will be achieved through the enhancement of the quality and relevance of services at the universities in the Eastern Partnership countries in the provision of professional teachers’ training in Pedagogical Innovations in Inclusive Education.

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Project details

Title: Eastern Partnership in Pedagogical Innovations in Inclusive Education (INOVEST)
Programme: EU Tempus IV
Project number: 530417-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-DE-TEMPUS-SMHES
Agreement number: 2012-3042/001-001
Partner institutions (see also Partners):

  1. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE
  2. University of Alicante, ES
  3. Royal Institute of Technology, SE
  4. "Ion Creanga" State Pedagogical University, MD
  5. Balti State University "A.Russo", MD
  6. State Institute of Continuing Education, MD
  7. Belarusian State Pedagogical University, BY
  8. Gomel State University, BY
  9. Minsk Institute for Education Development, BY
  10. South Ukrainian Pedagogical Institute "K.D.Ushynsky", UA
  11. National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, UA
  12. Odessa Regional In-Service Teacher Training Institute, UA
  13. Ministry of Education of Moldova, MD
  14. Ministry of Education Belarus, BY
  15. Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine, UA

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List of courses

During the Inovest project course material was developed within the following curricula areas:

  • Psychology (3 courses)
  • Pedagogical innovations (6 courses)
  • ICT in inclusive education (5 courses)

Curricular area: Psychology

  1. Introduction to the psychology of human uniqueness

    Introducere în psihologia unicităţii umane
    Введение в психологию человеческой уникальности

  2. Psychodiagnostics. Psychological tests

    Psychodiagnostica. Teste psihologice
    Психодиагностика. Психологические тесты

  3. Teaching Thinking Skills (training)

    Curs de dezvoltare a gândirii (training)
    Тренинг развития мышления

Curricular area: Pedagogical innovation

  1. Innovative pedagogy

    Pedagogia inovativă
    Инновационная педагогика

  2. Teaching today (by Geoff Petty)

    Profesorul de azi (de Geoff Petty)
    Современное обучение

  3. Creative and innovative education in school

    Creativitatea şi inovaţiile în şcoală
    Творчество и инновации в школе

  4. Pedagogical Innovations in Inclusive Education in School

    Inovaţii pedagogice în educaţia incluzivă în şcoală
    Педагогические инновации в инклюзивном образовании в школе

  5. Pedagogical Innovations in Inclusive Education in HEI

    Inovaţii pedagogice în educaţia incluzivă în instituţiile
    de învăţământ superior
    Педагогические инновации в инклюзивном образовании в ВУЗе

  6. School management of Pedagogical Innovations

    Managementul inovaţiilor pedagogice în şcoală
    Управление педагогическими инновациями в школе

Curricular area: ICT in inclusive education

  1. ICT for students witch SEN

    TIC pentru elevii cu CES
    ИКТ для детей с ООП

  2. Assistive technologies in education

    Tehnologiile asistive în educaţie
    Вспомогательные технологии в образовании

  3. Cloud technology in inclusive schools

    Tehnologiile cloud în şcolile incluzive
    Облачные технологии в инклюзивном образовании

  4. ICT accessibility features for improvement and disclosure the abilities of pupils with SEN. (laboratorypractice)

    Posibilităţile TIC pentru descoperirea şi dezvoltarea abilităţilor elevilor cu CES. (practici de laborator)
    Специальные возможности ИКТ для раскрытия и развития способностей учеников с ООП. Лабораторныйпрактикум

  5. Digital Laboratory’s FourierEdu (laboratory practice)

    Laboratoare digitale FourierEdu (practici de laborator)
    Цифровые лаборатории FourierEdu. Лабораторный практикум