Date: 26-30th of May 2014
Location: Chisinau (Modova)

A coordination meeting took place at the Institute of Continuing Education Chişinău (Moldova) for participants from Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Germany and Spain.

From 25 to 31 May 2014 participants from the Minsk City Institute for the Development of Education participated in the fifth workshop on the TEMPUS project “Eastern Partnership in Pedagogical Innovations in Inclusive Education”. In the seminar, the modules "Creativity and innovation at school", "Cloud technology in inclusive education" were presented which were developed by an international team from Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. The team of the Belarussian developers consist of T. Maroz, O. Minich, L. Sokolova, T. Evdokimova.
       During the international round table (2-3 May 2014), the participants of the TEMPUS project were informed about the implementation of the project ideas and the implementation of the Roadmap. They discussed the round tables held in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus on issues in inclusive education. Within the framework of the meeting the participants also discussed the development of the content of manuals for different categories of students in order to further develop the implementation of the project. The audience was able to learn about the experience of (a) the Institute of Continuing Education of Chisinau, (b) the Chisinau Ion Creangă Pedagogical State University and (c) the resource centers for inclusive education (Moldova).
        Information about the results of the activities and about the roadmap of the project was provided by S. Caisin (scientific coordinator of the project and director of the Institute of Continuing Education, Moldova).
Profound information about inclusive education in educational institutions of the country were given by Valentin Arion (head of the National Tempus Office in Moldova) on organization international project activities in the education system of Moldova.
Full-time study questions were discussed in the framework of the project activity.
T. Tintyuk, G. Turkan, L. Tsibulski (employees of the Institute of Continuing Education in Chisinau) provided information on the use of interactive learning using the program Adobe Connect Pro Webinars.
 On 27 May 2014, the participants visited the Chisinau Ion Creangă Pedagogical State University. Nikolai Kikush (rector of the University)  gave an introductary speech. Then, Michael Shlyahtitsky (assistant to the president of the Republic of Moldova on Education, Science and Culture) introduces the development of the education system in the Republic of Moldova and the possibilities of international cooperations.
 During the seminar, another round table was organized under the guidance of V. Pritcan (State University “Alecu Russo” from Balti, Moldova) in order to discuss and advance the methodology of pedagogical innovations in the field of inclusive education in schools and teachers training.
M. Grosu (Moldova), I. Racu (Moldova), K. Perjan (Moldova) and E. Losij  (Moldova) presented their work.
Furthermore, the participants visited the Educational Institution for Working with Gifted and Creative Young People. The director of the institute presented the experience of the Center for Children and Youth "ARTICO" for the development of skills of young people. Moreover, Sergi Scarlat presented his work. The participants visited the studios and workshops.
 During the meeting a webinar was held with representatives of the pilot schools in Moldova together with O. Purich (L.N.Tolstoy Theoretical Lyceum from Gloden city) and with T. Calmatsui (school psychologist of the  Theoretical Lyceum Ion Pelivan). They presented the study of the modules within the inclusive education institutions of the pilot schools.
The experience of elementary school No.120 of Chisinau, which is a resource center on inclusive education was presented to the participants of the seminar. In this institution, usual students are trained as well as children with special educational needs by using a technology called "Step by Step".
Ilya Vansea, the deputy director of the Institute of Continuing Education, presented best practices in the field of organization advanced training.